A-Level Core Mathematics and Statistics: C1, C2, C3, C4, S1 and GCSE Year: 10 and 11

These lessons are designed:
To back up AS, A2, Re-take students of Mathematics, Statistics and GCSE year 10 and 11 inclusive. To provide the fast track advantage, confidence, surety/guarantee A-grades challenge for AS beginners and boost A2 and the re-takers. To provide one-to-one lesson and more details for any particular topics and areas. To ensure that all lessons chapters with their related exercises and past-Examination questions are thoroughly completed. To provide January and summer ( May and June/July) external examinations opportunity for interested AS, A2 and re-take students of Mathematics and Statistics

However, the flexibility of our lessons enables students to enrol at any time. Our centre is a vibrant and energetic centre that turns student’s enthusiasm and passions for Mathematics and Statistics to success that’s beyond parents’ imaginations.

There is no time to waste in securing your child’s/children’s future, therefore, invest today for their better future. Many students from various schools across London boroughs have already enrolled for back-up in their A-level Mathematics and Statistics and on their way to achieving the A-grades they deserve in January and summer examinations

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The Summer School

urrently operating in Brixton over a four week period during the school summer break, over 100 children attend.

Children who attend are aged between 4-16 years. They have an opportunity not only to study academic subjects but also interact with each other and take part in many recreational activities.


The Easter Residential

A special event for approximately 50 children and their parents. Different sites are chosen each year (approximately 200 miles away from London), and for seven days they enjoy outdoor activities and adventure programmes.

For many of the children, this will be the only time in the year they have the opportunity to travel outside of London and have a holiday. Therefore, the vacation is primarily based upon interacting within a group, building the confidence of the child, and raising their self-esteem and sense of value. It also serves as a time of 'rest' for the parents who also attend.


'I Care' Out of School Hours Childcare programme

Established to assist the many single working parents who find it difficult to collect their children from school, because of their work commitments.

The Christian Victory Group 'I Care' team will collect the children on behalf of the parent and keep them until the parent arrives from work. The children are given light refreshments, assistance with homework and the opportunity to play and interact with each other.

To eliminate the many concerns of the single working parent, the programme guarantees a safe environment for the child during the hours while their parent is still at work. By serving the community, the programme allows the parent to establish themselves in the world of work.


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