"Just when we needed it most...

The consultancy and advice received from the Christian Victory Group for our Listening Ear and Caring Hands Project in East London and our Akwdum Project in Ghana for orphans, youths, elderly and clinic, is one that demonstrate sincere love and commitment to the less privileged.

Christian Victory Group assisted from the set up to completion with an immense degree of professionalism that is second to none.

The Christian Victory Group indeed embodies 'Love motivated by the desire to care'.

Rev Liz Ossei,
Senior Pastor
Christ Evangelical Church, London.


"A big, big thank you...

I am using this opportunity to thank the people involved with CEAI. This forum has tremendously helped me. The support, advice and guidance are superb.

The working committee really knows what they are doing! My prayer is that they will continue and receive financial assistance from the government or any other voluntary body to enable them to blossom."

Rev Segun Olaleye
New Hope Christian Ministries



Ade Omooba and Lanre Sholola who are co pioneers of the group have experiences and skills which are rich and varied. They both offer their skills in community development at no charge to volunteers and voluntary groups who have passion and compassion to assist those in great need of help and support.

Between them they have helped set up over 60 project in 16 years both nationally and internationally through this voluntary service.


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