"I can thoroughly recommend the work of Christian VictoryGroup - ‘I Care’ Projects, who show a true Christian spirit by working in the local community setting up a rehabilitation centre, children’s work and feeding programme."
Philip Mohabir
Connections UK


"I am delighted to be able to pay warm tribute to the wide-ranging caring work of the Christian Victory Group in inner London over the past ten years. They have taken fully to heart the challenge of Matthew chapter 25 to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ to those who are downtrodden and disadvantaged.
Gordon Holloway"
(Retired Chief Executive of the Shaftesbury Society and Chairman of Providence Row H.A.)


In 1991, to celebrate the birthday of one of their children, three men and their families chose to perform an act of kindness and generosity by preparing hot meals for the homeless living on the streets of London. There was a strong feeling of compassion felt by all whilst serving these meals. Coupled with the excitement and appreciation for the service rendered, it brought about an unexplainable conviction that the provision of the meals was not a one-off experience. The event served as a catalyst for a greater work among the less privileged in the community, and would require a long term commitment.

The ‘I Care’ project was born in an unconscious manner to show the love of Jesus Christ through practical and relevant means. Within two months the soup run grew from 25 to 100 people in Central London and by the end of 1992 the Christian Victory Group ‘I Care’ Project was a registered charity.

Although it was never the intention to organise a congregation, the church ministry began towards the end of 1991 with 12 members. By divine revelation, the name Christian Victory Group was given, simply meaning “Freedom of the Believer”. Christian Victory International Ministry is the spiritual bedrock for the ‘I Care’ projects and main financial supporter.

It was never envisaged by the organisers how the ‘I Care’ projects would grow and play an instrumental part in the lives of so many people. Today, Christian Victory Group ‘I Care’ provides the following services:

• ‘I Care’ Homeless Project

• Victory Nursery

• ‘I Care’ Childcare (out of school Hours)

• ‘I Care’ Youth Project

• Children Education Awareness International
(a Christian Victory Group initiative)

• Victory Production Services

• ‘I Care’ Medical Relief

• Advice & Counselling

Christian Victory Group also provides consultation, support and training to other Christian groups/voluntary organisations who wish to show how much they ‘care’ for their communities, as ambassadors of Christ, by starting their own community initiatives.


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Tel/Fax: 020 7733 5626
Email: cvgicare@aol.com Web: www.cvgicare.org
Registered Charity No: 1012692